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our tariffs

Post your text ad for FREE!

Duration                  : 1 week
No. of characters   : 50
Price                        : FREE

Premium ad

  1. Duration                 : 2 weeks
    No. of characters  : 2500
    Price                       : Rs.50

  2. Duration                   : 1 month
    No. of characters    : 2500
    Price                        : Rs.90

Enhance your ad with pictures and videos

You can include up to 10 pictures and 2 videos per ad

  1. Photo: Rs.25 per photo(inc.VAT)

  2. Video: Rs.40 per video(inc.VAT)

Increase your visibility

Increase the visibility of your ad with the following extra features :

  1. Featured ad on Petites Annonces homepage and category homepage : Rs.250 inc.VAT (one week)

  2. Your ad top listed in its category : Rs.125 inc.VAT (one week)

  3. Your ad in bold letters and highlighted : Rs.150 inc.VAT (valid for the duration of your ad)

payment methods

You can choose between the following 3 payment methods:

1. MT fixed line

Pay your ad using your fixed telephone line. You will be prompted to key in the activation code for your ad when dialing the number 301 60 70.

Please note that this number can only be accessed from a fixed telephone line of Mauritius Telecom. You will be charged on your next telephone bill.

2. MT Bill

This option is reserved for Telecom Plus' subscribers who have an email address (e.g.,,, etc.).

You will be charged on your next telephone bill of Mauritius Telecom.

3. Credit card